We at Innovactory believe that future mobility is going to be shaped by global megatrends like urbanization, pollution, congestion and connectivity. These trends will revolutionize the way we currently look at mobility and personal mobility in particular. It’s going to change the entire way how we travel from A to B and that change will be creating a whole new ecosystem of personal mobility. It’s an opportunity to improve the way people move, both for the individual and for society.


We at Innovactory are going to support people around the world during their daily commute, frequent trips and journeys to every destination. We believe that people across the globe can benefit from proactive, context aware travel service from mobile personal assistants in the palm of their hand.


We at Innovactory created Gaiyo. Gaiyo is an app that enables you to plan, book, and pay for all your transport. 


The possibility to join an enthusiastic team and a very positive work atmosphere. A competitive perks and benefits package which is based on flexibility, collaboration and trust. To work with cutting edge technology and frameworks for our MaaS solutions. Game evenings at the office, and regular table soccer matches with your colleagues. 

  • Enjoy a daily free lunch at the office. 
  • An extra home working compensation on top of your base salary. 
  • And to top this is all of; we are an international team which come from everywhere around the globe. You can now work from anywhere outside of the Netherlands for up to 4 weeks over a rolling 12-month period. 
  • You can also participate in our Employee Participation Scheme, which gives you the possibility to acquire equity in our company.

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